How DTS Impacted Me
February 4, 2020
Anna Pimento
I will start off by saying God is crazy amazing, and if you want to experience the craziness of our God do a DTS! DTS is a crazy adventure, filled with unexpected twists and turns. God grew my faith in an extraordinary way during the 5 months I spent in the school. I learned so much, and my relationship with God has moved to a whole new level which I don’t have words to explain.

Before I came to DTS I had a lot of confusion about hearing God’s voice. There were times I had clearly known when God spoke to me and trusted it. However, I had a few people in my life who would tell me it is not possible to hear God and I personally struggled with doubting, which often lead me into confusion and frustration. Throughout my DTS I learned all the different ways God can speak, and how to discern His voice from all others we hear in the world. I often stood in awe when God would speak to me or anyone in the DTS, then move exactly as He said He would.

One example of this happening was when all of us students and leaders were praying for what was next when God spoke to me. I heard God say we all needed to go outside and look at a coconut tree. I felt insane expressing this group, but it turns out God gave someone else a vision of a coconut tree a few weeks before. As we were looking at the tree and praying for all these things, God spoke to one of us students and explained the reason for the visions, in that moment the student decided to fully surrender His life to Christ. Crazy right!?! And that was only one of the many things I saw God do.

I can truly say that during DTS God turned my faith inside out and upside down and brought so many big changes into my life and walk with Him. I am so thankful I did DTS and for the amazing leaders, God had placed to lead the school!