Following God’s Plan
June 8, 2020
Mica Turene
At first, the direction did not come right away, God taught me patience and trust through the waiting. I remember feeling like I needed to pray about applying for staff with YWAM Port-De-Paix after DTS. So I set off to do so. Though, as I prayed the first few times I did not hear a certain yes or no, or any other direction. So, I of course kept praying and asked God that if he wanted me to apply for staff that he would give me confirmation.

During my quiet time, one day at DTS God gave me a clear vision. I saw a picture of myself leading worship in a YWAM base. Initially, I felt surprised, though I know it was God telling me to apply for staff. I spent time thanking the Lord for what he had shared with me. Then set off to fill out my application.

​ Upon sending it in, I was shortly after being accepted for staff. I got to see our Father do so much while I was at YWAM for Discipleship Training School. I cannot wait to see what he does while I am there on staff.

I knew for a long time that God wanted me to take part in a Discipleship Training School at YWAM. So, when I was accepted to do my DTS with the YWAM Saint-Marc base I was super excited.

​God taught me so many things during that season of my life, my faith grew in an abundance. I am so thankful for the friendships I made and how I got to use my gifts to serve God. Most importantly though, how I got so see God move so many people close to his heart.

​In the midst of all this happening, God also revealed to me the next steps I should take in my life.