While You Wait
July 24, 2020
Jackson Davis
Lately, I’ve been learning a lot about God’s providence and why He has us where he has us. A lot of times I feel like we can see times as “in-between”. The time in between jobs, or the time in between school years, but all of it has immense purpose. Recently I’ve been viewing this period where I wait for my return to Haiti as such, and in doing so I’m devaluing God’s use for it. I’ve been working at an outdoor retail store, hanging with friends and family, and raising money, but it can feel mundane. Last night when worshipping in my car with my best friend, we drove to this park, and I got out and felt led to get on my hands and knees in prayer. I didn’t want to as I had just showered and the asphalt wasn’t exactly clean, but I did anyway. While in this position of submission a divine realization washed over me and I remembered conversations I’ve had while at home about God and His Goodness. He was highlighting the fact that I have been doing something to bring God glory even if I tell myself it’s not enough. May we be so aware of God’s purpose that all we can do is bring Him glory whatever that may look like.
While You Wait

while you wait
for the next wave
to take you
to shake you and make you conqueror of ocean
may the still water around you be enough to hold you
as you submit to its cradling calmness
let us not get lost in the fondness
of high’s
and forget we’re still in the eye of the ocean
and that is enough