How God Works Things Out
August 21, 2020
Anna Pimento

A little over a year ago after my mom passed away, God highlighted Romans 8:28 out to me. It says:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Since then, I have repeatedly gotten to see God work through every situation life has thrown my way. There have been many ups and downs, twists and turns, this past season. Many unexpected, some really hard and challenging, as well as wonderful and exciting things. Nevertheless, throughout each and every one of them God has shown to be faithful. He has allowed me to see just how powerfully he can take any situation and make it into something beautiful and good. Sometimes when I see God do things like this I just cannot help but stand completely wordless and in awe of our great God. I mean how crazy is it that when I am sitting in the midst of something, God is always working it out for my good. Even if I am complaining about it to God in prayer, he never gives up on me. He rather so graciously encourages me and fights for me bringing good out of every situation. He is always with us, going behind and before. As we go through the refining fire, God is there working. As we weather the waves of the storm, God is there working. As we reach joyous mountain top views, God is there working.

I just do not even know how to put my words of amazement of God on paper. How is it that I have been chosen to be part of God’s family? I am such a broken person, yet God still chooses to love and work in every situation in my life, as long as I let him. I cannot even begin to comprehend the love the Father has for me and every person on this earth. It is so extravagant that it can mend anything into a beautiful whole, no matter how broken. I am nobody special, so I want to encourage you too. If you don’t know the love the Lord has for you, I am telling you God is waiting for you to allow him to pour it out on you in abundance. And start the refining and mending process in your life.

Now that was the longest intro of my life, but I think necessary for the next part of this writing. Like I mentioned earlier, the scripture of Romans 8:28 is a promise I have recently gotten to see God fulfill repeatedly. I feel that during this crazy time in the world that it has been especially true, in a rapid-fire way. Some of you may know that I had planned to be moved over to Haiti this past May. Though, COVID came and tossed things up a bit. However, GOD IS STILL MOVING!! For me, God took the situation that COVID brought and used it to open some pretty crazy doors. Here is a story of one of them.

I just recently returned home from an English Teachers certification program called TESOL. This was a 5-week program held at YWAM Discovery Bay in Port Townsend. How God opened this door is a crazy story that I will save for another time. Though, I will tell you this was no easy school, to be honest at the difficulty I will let you know it was actually five, three-credit, university courses held in a five-week period. It was so challenging. But, God provided everything I needed all the way from the financial cost (which in itself is a crazy story), to the new friends that God knew I would need. I will be honest, I did not know what God was walking me into with this school. I thought I was just going to learn some English Teaching things that I could use in Haiti. I did not realize that I was walking into, well, as my friend would call it “a refining fire”. I not only got to learn all those English things, but I got to have God work in my heart in a lot of ways. As well as see God give me keys to the next doors to open. You may be wondering, “if this school was so hard then why are you speaking so much of the good God can bring from situations?” To that, I will answer that not all situations feel good and the time you in them. But if you stick through it walking hand in hand with Jesus you will have a crazy amazing mountain top view at the end. This is what I am seeing now as I am reflecting back at the work of God’s hands. And again, I am left wordless and in awe at the greatness of the love of our Savior.

Lord thank you for crazy adventures with you! Thank you for holding the keys to the opening of new doors. Thank you for the promise of Romans 8:28 and that you work all things out for the good of those who love you. Lord thank you even though I am so broken and so undeserving you keep walking with me and making my heart to become more like yours. Jesus I love you and am so ever grateful to be part of your family. Amen.