Connectedness, Connectedness, Connectedness!!!
January 27, 2021
Jackson Davis

Hello blog reader, it’s me Jackson. If you were to ask me how i’m doing right now I would give you an answer I don’t usually give. I’m doing really good! Most other times I just revert to “okay” or “alright,” but this is different. Why am I doing really good? This past week I have been so steeped in community and connectedness. Not that I wasn’t already but I guess I’m realizing it more.

Community with Yahweh, community with my Haitian brothers and sisters around me and community electronically with my friends and family in the states. A few days ago I chatted on the phone with my friend Lucas about life and how it relates to faith and, right after that I went up in the dorm where Elmond and Marc-Donald were ironing and trying on some of their church clothes. We were just giggling and chuckling at the silliest things and I had kind of an epiphany in that moment there watching Elmond wave his arms like an overly passionate pastor and eating my Nutella, and this epiphany has been unraveling itself for the past few days. The people that God has put in my life are such an immense gift!! Whether I’m catching up with my momma over the phone on the hike she recently went on with Pops, sitting in bible study as the only American and focusing with all of myself to understand and be a part of the conversation, feeling The Spirit wash over me while listening to a song about heaven recommended by a friend, packing up a house full of things with Kate and Mica, listening to an old mentor recount an opportunity he had to pray over someone in his life, or having small talk for the first time in a long time with an estranged friend. I am so blessed to be a part of it all. God just plays Tetris so well, stacking all of these colorful blocks on top of each other and I’m blessed to be a watch him play the game and maybe even be a block myself.

After reading this short blogpost I want you to do something. Call that person you’ve been wanting to catch up with or maybe the one you don’t want to catch up with but need to, sit and listen to your children or parents or whatever other family member is near you, take longer than usual at the supermarket to truly ask how the store clerk is doing. Be present with those around you! God put us on this earth together so let’s act like it! Grace and Peace to y’all and blessings over your next interaction, big or small.