Episode 1 Belief in God • Epizod 1 Kwayans nan Bondye

We are starting today a video series on the basic, core beliefs of Christians. Really what makes a Christian, well a Christian. We are going to be saving specific differences between denominations and some nuances between different doctrines for other times and really just focus in on the foundation. And so where do we begin? Well, we begin with a belief in God.

What's the first thing that Christians believe? We believe in God. It's in the first sentence of the Bible! (Gen. 1:1) "In the beginning, God…" Every belief and practice of being a Christian is based on this first foundational belief. We are not the ultimate or supreme thing in the universe. There is a being greater than us, (Revelation 22:13) that was the beginning, and that is the end. The first of everything and the last after everything is gone. God is not competing for the top spot against other gods. There is just one. (Isaiah 44:6)

And the whole story of Christianity builds upon the relationship between this singular supreme and awesome being, called God, and the people and world that God created. (Psalm 100:3) It would be a safe bet to argue that God is the main figure in this story. And because of that, a belief that there is no God would be incompatible with the Christian faith. Our worship, preaching, and service would all ring hollow without God.

Scriptures referenced today:

Genesis 1:1Revelation 22:13Isaiah 44:6 Psalm 100:3