Episode 2 God in Three Persons • Epizòd 2 Bondye an Twa Moun

Welcome back for episode 2 in our season discussing the core beliefs of Christians. Last episode we discussed our belief that there is a God and today we are going to talk a little about the nature of our God. Namely that God exists as three distinct, but equal and unified persons and yet we serve just one God. God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit or some people say the Holy Ghost. It's impossible for our brains to comprehend fully, because it’s not a case of God having multiple personalities that each present themselves at different times. Instead it's God in three persons at the same time and always. Equal, unified, and in harmony.

This belief is an important part of the Chrstian life, because it explains so much to us about who God is. When we say something like “God is love,” it’s not an abstract, far out concept. We see that God is love because we see the way that Jesus loved, or judged, or forgave, or convicted. Or even today as we are empowered, led, and comforted by the Holy Spirit. These things show us the way that the Father and Jesus are as well as the Holy Spirit. Each person of what we call the Trinity is completely revealing each of the other members.

And it might be easy to say that we see this belief only in the New Testament, but that would be incomplete. It is true that we see the Triune God more clearly in places like that awesome moment of Jesus being baptized and the Spirit of God descending like a dove and a voice in heaven speaking. The trinity is presented in the Old Testament. We have the creation of man in Genesis 1. God says “Let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness” I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t refer to myself as an US or OUR, and it makes sense that God wouldn’t either unless there is some truth to the matter.

I’m excited to continue the individual members of the trinity in the next video.

Dive Deeper:

1 John 4:8John 14:9Matthew 3:16-17Genesis 1:26-27