You Need to Remember
September 10, 2021
Joyanna VanBruggen

So often I become wrapped up in my thoughts. Wrapped up in the ideas of what life is ‘supposed to be like’, which often turns into a storm of ‘How will I’s… How will I provide for myself? How will I make friends? How will I ______? This morning, I was stuck in those thoughts. But wait, let’s backup a bit, shall we? You’re probably wondering who I am… 

I’m Joyanna! I was a student in Kate and Jay’s 2019 DTS. I had the honor of firsthand seeing the Port De Paix base take steps towards reality. In fact, I was there the day God led us to the base! To me, the staff at Port De Paix are family. And I, well, I’m the introverted student who made things awkward in the best of ways… and wiggled her eyebrows a lot (Kate would insist this detail be included). 

Now that we’ve got that established, let’s jump back into the blog!

As I stated, this morning I was in a storm of ‘How will I’s. Those thoughts led me to a state of overwhelm, as they often do. So, I decided to spend some time with Jesus. I took out my Bible and opened to 1 Peter. As I was reading, there was a verse that forced me to pause… It said, 

“When they hurled their insults at Him, He did not retaliate; when He suffered, He made no threats. Instead, He entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly.” (1 Peter 2:23, NIV)

As I read this, the thought came to mind-

Jesus was silent, not because the people were right. 

Jesus was silent because He knew The One who makes things right.

This shook me. 

Who do you know? WHO do you know? Those are the words that began to repeat in my mind. 

Suddenly, the questions were coming out… Is your God not The One who provides? Does your Jesus not heal? Are you not a child of The King? 

I found myself writing the words ‘you need to remember’ 

Remember what, you may ask? Remember that-

Your Jesus…. Your Jesus raised the dead. Your Jesus walked this Earth. Your Jesus, with little, fed thousands. Your Jesus healed the blind. Your Jesus chose tax collectors. Your Jesus cast out demons. Your Jesus… Your Jesus said do not fear. Your Jesus said it is finished. Your Jesus… 

Your God… Your God is the Lord of all. Your God is Commander of Heaven’s Armies. Your God is The Ultimate Judge. Your God uses everything for good. Your God… Your God sees you. Your God calls you child. Your God is good, loving, kind. Your God has every resource at hand. Your God provides. Your God sent His Son to die for you. Your God values your life. Your God… 

As this list began pouring out, I felt a peace overcome my mind. As I remembered Who I knew, I realized- 

I don’t have to worry about provision.. I know the God who provides. 

I don’t have to bring everything together.. I know the God who’s in control. 

It’s okay that I don’t know everything.. I know the God who knows all things. 

I may feel alone.. however, I know the God who is always with me. 

I think back to the verse (1 Peter 2:23)..  

Jesus didn’t say a word. Even though the people were wrong. Even though He would be tortured. Jesus was silent. Why? Because He remembered Who He knew, and He trusted God. Jesus stood in the truth of God being the ultimate judge, and so, Jesus didn’t need to speak, Jesus didn’t need to judge. 

God has really shown me that when you remember Who you know, it changes everything. 


Even in the storms your heart can be still. 

Sorrow can be traded for unbreakable joy. 

Anxiety, depression, their power erased.

Surrender is possible. 

Self-control is real. 

Bold steps can be taken. 

Because of Who you know. Because of Jesus


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