Discipleship Training School

What is A DTS?

Discipleship Training School (DTS for short)is an intensive 5 month school that will stretch your personal relationship with The Holy Sprit through Study and Teaching and Equip you to disciple the nations. Not only will this school increase your knowledge of God and The Bible, but it will show you how to walk it out as Jesus did during his time on Earth.

Lecture Phase

Lecture Phase

During The 3 Month Lecture Phase, you will Know God more.

  • Dive into daily classes devoted to learning who God is and who you are
  • Unravel more about God’s vibrant dreams for your life
  • Model those deep lessons learned in class with your fellow students and staff
  • Be immersed in the tight-knit Haitian culture and learn the language through close relationships
  • Participate in fulfilling campus ministries and  work that will prepare you for your future

Outreach Phase

Outreach Phase

During the 2 Month Outreach Phase you will go out to make God known

  • Do what you learned in the lecture phase
  • Be sent  into communities near and far, locally and internationally
  • Preach the good news of Christ, provide for the poor and heal the sick
  • Step outside of your comfort zone and into God’s hands

DTS 2021

get ready to change your life








September 2021 – February 2022

The focus of this school is to refine those daily practices of Christian Life and to embed those deep observations of spiritual formation in your life. Not just a shallow existence as a churchgoer, but something deeply rooted in God. We envision this school forming disciples in all spheres of society, not just the mission field. Come and fall in love with God and the life He has for you, and his transformation will transpire with those around you… through you!

DTS Cost:

Foreign Student     5,000 USD

Haitian Student            750 USD


Must have valid passport

Must Be at least 18 years old or have graduated high school/done equivalent such as a G.E.D



Do I need to be fluent in Creole and/or English?

No, one or the other will do! All classes are translated between these two languages.

How far away will I be from everything?

We are tucked in a quiet neighborhood in the City’s center. Local views, food, and other amenities are just a short walk away.

How do we source and cook our meals? Are food restrictions taken care of?

We buy all our food in local markets where they sell a mix of imported and Haitian grown food. We as a mission work together to make all of our meals and if you have any food allergy, sensitivity or intolerance we will do our best to accommodate those needs. Students with these food restrictions may sometimes have to make their own food.

Will I need to bring spending money? How much?

All meals are provided when you pay for DTS, but if you need anything else such as toiletries, imported snacks, or a fresh pair of socks, you could make do with an extra 30 USD each month.

Is it safe?

Most everything you hear about Haiti in the news speaks nothing of the comradery and friendly love of the Haitian people. Haiti has its crime and problems as other countries do, with the majority of it being in the capital Port au Prince. We go above and beyond to ensure our students are safe and culturally aware when tumultuous situations arise which is not often here in Port de Paix.

What are the weather conditions?

It is generally hot and humid but the city often has a nice Caribbean breeze to rustle those beautiful palm trees. When it rains it gets very muddy so don’t be afraid of getting a little dirty.

How should I bring my spending money?

You can bring it all in cash or withdraw it using a debit/credit card at a local bank..

How does laundry work?

We will teach you how to hand wash your clothing in a large bowl called a kivet and you can buy detergent nearby, however, If you get lucky you might find someone for hire to do it.